As you know, the situation relating to COVID19 is changing daily. As such, there are certain things we are all learning to adapt to in order to stay afloat. With everything that’s been happening lately, there have been businesses, individuals, and Hospitals who are no doubt finding it tough. We would like to take this opportunity to make a notable mention of someone, who has taken it upon themselves to support their surrounding community. BillyKart is a valued client of ours, and they have a wonderful cause to help those in the medical industry. Please read their story below.

Buy a meal for a hospital worker
It has been reported to us that with current restrictions on cafes and restaurants, hospital staff in Brisbane at The Mater Hospital and The Children’s Hospital are finding it difficult to get fresh healthy meal solutions.

With the current situation, we feel that all staff working in hospitals should have access to freshly made, healthy meal options while they are working. It is so important that we look after the people that will have to look after all of, us and ensuring they have access to fresh food and meal options while they work is imperative to keeping them healthy and safe. Imagine also – If they got this for free.

We want to help deliver this, whith your help!
Donate to our fund, and help us raise money for Billykart to provide catering and meal solutions to hospital staff! We will prepare freshly made meals and deliver them to the hospital for the staff to have on their breaks. We are in touch with The Mater Hospital and getting direction on menus/meal options, safe packaging, and the best delivery methods. To ensure food is prepared and delivered safely and correctly.

We hope to start delivering meals to them ASAP. This will also allow us to keep our staff and hopefully more hospitality staff employed if the demand is there.