From time to time you may hear or find out about something known as a “taxpayer alert” being issued by the ATO. These are early cautioning signs from the ATO to caution people about areas of their immediate concern. This could incorporate dodgy speculations, fraud, schemes or tax minimisation issues, which could get individuals stuck in an unfortunate situation. Alarms will regularly feature parts that are of the most stress to the ATO currently.

Taxpayer alerts enable the ATO to let the overall population know whether there is a potential issue, or a higher hazard than typical in regards to tax planning. To put all the more basically, it’s the taxman’s variant of a “kangaroos next 10km” street sign.

In the event that you google those words, it will probably take you to an ATO site page where more than 100 taxpayer cautions are recorded, assembled by year and going back to 2002.

Be that as it may, only one out of every odd potential concern will wind up subject to a taxpayer alert. Nor will everything referenced in an alarm end up being a genuine issue. Here and there, after further research, it might finish up being of next to no worry by any stretch of the imagination. If so, a subsequent notice will be sent to tell everybody.

Coming up next are instances of what may prompt the trigger of caution, or if nothing else, have some worry raised:

  • Schemes involving tax havens
  • No real underlying business purpose
  • Passing income through a tax-exempt body – eg. a charity
  • Arrangements that seem contrived
  • An economic return that seems to rely largely on tax benefit
  • Having mechanisms in place for exiting an arrangement before income is generated.

These alarms aren’t law and shouldn’t be mistaken for the ATO’s open decisions. Be that as it may, when examinations happen and contemplations are made on where the ATO stands, a decision will probably be made and conveyed. Then again, the alarm will be pulled back in the event that it winds up being of no worry. Either way another warning will be distributed.

In the event that a resulting charge has been settled on or a choice achieved, the alarm will connect to it and it will be made known to you.

On the off chance that you are considering going into a tax arrangement or plan that winds up being the subject of taxpayer alert, you can request a formal assurance from the ATO, or demand private ruling on the issue. A citizen caution ought to also name the expense officer included. Consequently, you can get in touch with them for guidance.