There is hardly any doubt that Xerocon is the most awaited, hyped and impressively organized event in the accounting world, especially in Australia. One can even go so far as to say that Xerocon is the “Coachella for Accountants”. In fact, the last Xerocon Brisbane 2018 blew its participants away in ways that only epic parties like Coachella and Woodstock could seem to compare. It’s not often that accountants can attend parties, considering how cut-throat and engaged they are in technical paperwork, but when they do party, Xerocon has got them covered. Walking into the BCEC at 8.30am you could be forgiven for thinking you were attending a festival rather than an accountant and bookkeeper conference.

Xerocon 2018 even had a DJ Beat Boxing to the attendees as early as eight in the morning. Pink flamingos, a basketball court and table tennis courts spread all over the hall were also an added boost to the event that kept everyone energized as if they were doused with a more energy-boosting caffeine fix than would be allowed per day! But that’s just the beginning. What strongly put the accountants in awe was what Xero later in the convention unraveled, which was the series of bookkeeping applications and innovation that not only transforms the bookkeeping world, but also attempts to shape the future itself.

The main theme across the two-day event was to value your time and subsequently best to utilise your time so that you can spend more of it on things you value, rather than the things you must do.  This central message was delivered by keynote speakers (including Gill Hicks, survivor of the 2005 London tube bombing – talk about inspirational), through to Xero team members and even the CEO Steve Vamos and Xero founder Rob Drury.  Further breakout sessions also enabled us to make a more decided approach to the speakers we wanted to listen to, so we were able to choose sessions tailored more to our own firm and what we want to achieve for our clients.

Days of Fun and Technological Awe

Before we unveil the new efficiencies and technologies from Xero, it must be mentioned here that the 2018 Xero event was divided into two conferences, which were held in Atlanta and in Brisbane. And fortunately, each attendee can vouch for how fun the Days 1 and 2 of the Brisbane event. From the entertainment to the surprises prepared for the 3,500 accountants and bookkeepers who participated in the convention, it’s hard to argue against how the convention was nothing short of frenetic and magical. Add to that the fact that this 2018 convention was deemed to be so far one of the largest gatherings in Australia dedicated to cloud accounting.

Product Launchings

While everyone was thrilled by the entertainment of the event, the most fascinating part to the participants would have to be the series of major product unveilings that promise convenience, efficiency and better workflow for them. Here are some of those game-changing innovation:

  1. Xero Mobile – this is an upgrade to the Xero Mobile app, providing an easier bill and invoice management system into one’s fingertips.
  2. Files Required – this beta feature in Xero helps advisors better identify, organize and gather information that avoids time-consuming hassles.
  3. Machine Learning on Invoices – this development allows a user to bypass entering accounting codes and inventory items to the invoices through the help of machine learning. The invoicing module would now be a breeze.
  4. With the help of Xero Projects (AU), Xero Bank Feeds API and STP in action, users can also save time in organizing data that are linked to third-party banks and other financial firms. No more waiting time. No more delays from the slow processing of payroll taxes with ATO. No more time wasted in double-checking timesheet information in the payroll section of any kind of platform. Just imagine the time to be saved!

Xero and Us As Partners

It goes without saying that we at MT Corp cannot be more excited about what Xero can provide for us and our clients. We even go so far as to say that there’s no time to wait and suggest that clients catch up with Xero’s programs; otherwise, we could all get left behind. There may be too much opportunity loss in not being early adopters of what Xero could offer in the field of streamlining software for accounting.

Every business needs the most efficient improvements and cost-effective strategies. Through Xero and our expertise, we can help every client in the implementation process of these strategies from Xero.